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Capture The Flag 1.9.7

posted by mewin at 2014-03-20 12:18:38

I updated my CaptureTheFlag script for ShootMania again. The new version is 1.9.7 and contains messages for near misses and long shots with lasers.

You can download the script here or on Maniapark. Of course also the script used by the...
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CTF Script Creator

posted by mewin at 2014-03-18 17:11:20

On you can now create a personalized Capture The Flag script for your ShootMania Server. You can decide what the default value of each setting is and if it will be possible for the players and/or admins to change the value. The script uses the (currently unreleased) version 1.9.6 of my CTF script.


posted by mewin at 2013-11-23 17:31:09

I finally got my own server I will use to host some game servers and publish my work.
As I am currently settings it up most links here will not work and some content may be wrong. The forum already works though.

MP Servers

Mewi CTF

Players: 0/16
Spectators: 0/32
Map: CTF - Capture the Fish ! #2

Mewi iCTF

Players: 0/12
Spectators: 0/32
Map: [ctf] the good map

Mewi aCTF

Players: 0/16
Spectators: 0/32
Map: CTF - Conflictuelle

Mewin Infection

Players: 0/30
Spectators: 0/100
Map: Infection - OtherMaps03 (by .afro.)

Mewi Domination

Players: 0/16
Spectators: 0/32
Map: Domination - Nuketown v3.0
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